NCT DREAM - To My First

NCT DREAM - To My First
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  • Дата релиза: 31-05-2022, 04:00
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Текст песни: To My First
You and I when we were young (That dazzling day)
When I look back, it shines more (Than anyone else)
But, though it was
But let it go, let it go

Goodbye, I'm going to finally leave you
I can't watch the changed us any longer
Biting my trembling lips
Holding the last of you in my eyes
I say goodbye
We were so very young
And didn't know love then
Leaving our innocent selves behind
My love is always

I can't ignore it and let it be
Those days so dazzling are still clear in my mind
So even those good memories don't cloud over
I finally let my grip on you go (Yah)
If it really ends (It's true)
Though I don't know what emptiness will come (Yes, you)
Like the beginning when I was so blindly in love with you ('Cause love)
I cut it off for you, out love is over